Introduction to Go Programming

Before starting to this post, I want to introduce you with my source I have inspired: Uday Hiwarele! You can contact him by following the link. Now it is time to explain what the GO or GoLang is.
Hint: At the end of this post, we will not code with the GoLang but I assure you this introduction will be helpful for you to understand the essentials of Go Programming Language.

Nowadays, GoLang is considered as the server language of future. Well, everything changes indeed. Let’s have a look at the preceedings:

  • It is important to share this information that, this programming language is the masterpiece of Google.
  • GoLang is run on compile time which means that unlike scripting and run time languages such as PHP or Javascript, you are able to compile your code.
  • It is of course UTF-8 encoded default.
  • It has Garbage Collector for auto memory management.
  • You can create your GoLang languages with .go extension.

Unfortunately I did not have any benchmark test; but it is considered that GoLang is faster than Python.

GoLang is a bit different than Object Oriented Programming Languages. Unlike or Java, GoLang does not cover Object Oriented Programming. Indeed, you can handle everything by using Structs, Types and Pointers.

For the following posts, I will share some detailed information about GoLang and put some reference codes in GitHub. See you in the next post 🙂